Expats living in district 3

Hi all,

I recently moved to an apartment in district 3 and since moving I realized that I have seen very few other expats living here. At least a lot less visible compared to Thao Dien or District1. So an open question to anyone living in district 3, where are the places you like? Can you recommend me some restaurants? bars, favorite coffee shops? Also if you have any suggestions for other places in district 3 that you recommend please let me know.

Also If anyone living in district 3 wants to hang out, get coffee, beer, food please get in touch! I moved to Saigon about 2 months ago and work for an architecture practice. I'm still finding my feet and keen to meet new people.



hey chris,

district 3 is huge (like others). my opinion is that district 3 has every flavour in the Sun with a mixture of every thing (like others). people probably choose other districts because there is already a build up of expats in the area, easier to adjust.

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Count me for a drink and chat!
Look forward to meeting up with you.


Hi Chrisingram,
Welcome to Q3. I've been living here for over 8 years and I see some wandering tourists, but very few expats (though I know there are some in the hem). As cossmo mentioned, it's rather large, somewhat shaped like a backwards L. So which side are you on? The Hai Ba Trung side or the Nguyen Dinh Chieu side?

In terms of restaurants, I tend to head into Q10 which is sandwiched in by both sides of the L. Tell me what type of foods do you enjoy and I'll make some recommendations.

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