Kuwait: foreign professionals risk deportation

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Foreign professionals in Kuwait are currently facing serious risks of deportation. Local media report that the Kuwaiti government is considering the reduction of its expatriate population by at least 50% compared to 69% today.

During the first part of 2016, more than 14,000 expatriates have already been deported, compared to a total of 26,600 in 2015. Note that the expatriate community in Kuwait accounts for some 70% of the total population, that is 4.3 million, against 1.3 million Kuwaiti citizens. Moreover, a study conducted by the Central Bureau of Statistics also reveals that 75% of employees in the private sector are expatriates, excluding 600,000 domestic helpers.

According to local media, several causes have been leading to deportation, namely overstay following the expiry of the residence permit and traffic offenses such as driving without a license, skipping red lights, etc.

Local authorities are currently considering other ways to deport expats. Henceforth, a foreign national whose employment contract has been terminated will no longer be allowed to find a new job within three months. They should only receive compensation and be compelled to leave the country upon the expiry of their resident permit.

well thank you for addressing the huge elephant in the room :P those of us living in kuwait are reading the news you know, we dont need to find it here as a way to "stir conversation" especially as this is the most likely way to get people agitated and for tempers to fly.

so thank you veedushi, although i struggle to find the purpose behind your post; are you inquiring our opinions on the matter, or simply stating it and hoping to see how people react?

in any event, the news is true, yes. kuwait has been culling expats for some time now, they tailor the law to fit the need like for example it was stated before that those that run red lights will immediately be deported, those that do not carry their ID will immediately be deported, those that overstay their visa will immediately be deported, those that od their job will immediately be deported (i refer ot the case of the foreign landscapers that were deported for cutting trees in a way that was not to the liking of someone, despite it being their company's fault and not their own).

has kuwait become harder to live in? yes. is there anything we can do about it? no. are people silently taking it? no. those that can find employment elsewhere are quick to do so, so that cannot however, go about business as usual. it is not like we are all walking targets, if you commit a crime, you get deported. in the end, it is their country, and we are here voluntarily, so unless other opportunities present themselves, its business as usual.

most of the time however, articles and titles are misleading, for example, it was said that expats above 50 would be fired from the ministry - title. read the article, it references those expats as being ones who got their jobs by wasta, meaning their job is irrelevant, hence they're the ones that are being forced to resign. and not all expats over 50.

don't panic after just reading the headlines.

PS the offences mentioned in the article are border-line serious - driving without a licence is reckless endangerment, as is running a red light. overstaying a visa is becoming an illegal resident, which again, is an offence.

Hi legacy,

Thanks for your reply.

The aim was to inform not only expats who are already on the spot but also foreign nationals who are planning to move to Kuwait and who might not yet be aware of the current situation.

Veedushi Team

Thank you for informing people on here.

I do not think you were scaremongering. I think it was a good idea to make people aware.

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