American or English school

hi, i have question pls, anyone knows if there is any American or English schools in Antalya for my two kids
(6y and 4y).


ICCA has a joint English/Turkish curriculum.
Ted Antalya College also seems to be in English and they have a Kindergarten/Primary school section too.

These might be worth checking out when you arrive.

Good luck

Thanks for your reply.. I will check it for sure ..

You're welcome.
If you have any further queries, please feel free to post.

Good luck

Thank you..

An updated list of schools is

Ted Antalya College
Antalya Anadolu Lisesi
Özel Antalya College
Levent Aydin Anadolu

Good luck

Hi Xeeschan!

Could you please recommend me best of above listed schools for a 14 years old girl moved recently to Antalya? She completed 7th grade  school and intends to start 8th grade in Antalya.

Appreciate your quick reply.

Hi Udwan,

I may not be able to recommend one myself since I have no firsthand experience with any of these schools.

However, I would suggest that you definitely visit all the schools, since its not an exhaustive list.
I would also suggest that you choose the one closest to your residence.

I am not sure if there is an online rating out there, but I will update if i find one.

Good luck

Thank you my dear for this advice and will contact them soon and check.

Best regards

No problem.

Please feel free to update the findings here.

Good luck

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American Time is a language institute, not a school.

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