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Hi All

I have been working in Denmark since 2013 , I was working as an Engineer in a private firm and my temporary work visa was valid until 2017.

Then in 2015 I got a promotion and I was made assistant Manager in that same firm . BUT I did not reapply for the visa after my said promotion . I am confused , do I have to apply for Visa or not ?

and if i have to apply for the visa can i apply right now , but it has been over 7 months i have been working in my new position.

your help would be highly appreciated.

Best regards

I'll absolutely advise you to address the relevant authorities. … ervice.htm


Hej Nellie

Thank you for your input.

But i have contacted them in August last year and they told me to write us an email , which i have also done and also have record of.

So should i ask them again ?


Yeah, I would ask them again as you are still in doubt what to do. We others can mean a lot, but It's their view which applies so just go ahead.


Go down there and wait.

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