Seeking advice to find house/apartment in Riyadh

آلسّلامُ عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Hope you're all well!
First of all I copied few things from brother hafiz sahab post which saves me time to write lots of thing :)

I have just been offered a management role by a company based near King Khalid Airport, Riyadh. I am interested and انشأالله تعالٰى will be accepting offer as soon as I will have a formal offer letter through from HR.
I am intending to bring over my wife and a year old child along with me انشأالله تعالٰى. I don't know if it's possible initially so please suggest the ways too if I can or I shouldn't?

I wanted to get some advice on what area of Riyadh should I potentially look for an apartment or house in. I don't wish to live in a compound and aim to live in my own rented apartment.
i will be moving over to Riyadh from England.
Some of the key things I'm looking for are -
1. Accessibility to shops
2. Good coverage in regards to satellite and broadband services
3. Other western expats also reside there in apartments (prefer Muslims)
4. Fairly new build apartments that must be clean
5. Clean and safe neighbourhood
6. Quite area so I can park a Car

There are other criteria, but ideally I want a really nice home for my new family. One where we can live comfortably within the 4 walls but also have other friends we can make outside, who are also expats living in apartments outside of compounds
Any help is appreciated!!!

Also please suggest which website like auto trader in uk to look for used cars? And how can one find out if a car has been used as taxi?

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