Looking for a tutor

Hello. Looking for a native english speaker woman for tutoring girls 9 and 10 years old. We have a perfect tutor at the moment that I found at but she has leave the country shortly, so we are forced to look for a new one. The girls will be sent to the USA for further education, so US citizens are preferred. Offered salary is 50 azn for 2 hour lesson, basically on weekends. The classes can be either in our apartment or at your place. Driver is provided.

Perhaps you'd like to try here


Hi. Are u looking for only woman teacher ? What about a good family man teacher with excellent knowledge of English ? Thanks

İf it's an american teacher, I think it might work out!

Sorry he is not American he is Azeri was born in Baku russian speaking and with excellent acsent of English and knowledge he is one of the best technical translator in Baku as well also working for Moscow technical translation company.

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