Meeting Local Ex-Pats in Jakarta


My name is Patrick.
I have been in USA for 29 years.
I will be returning to Indonesia soon.
We own a durian and avocado plantation
in Indonesia.

Would be interested in meeting-up, and
making friends with local ex-pats in Jakarta area.

You can email me at  ***

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Hi Patrick,
Your post offer is interesting.
Do pm me your details, as open forum is not permitted.

And you can submit events section too if you have a specific time and place.

I will be to be ur freind

Where in the USA did you live?  I'd be glad to connect, do you have an email address?

Oh I see an email address is not permitted so how do we make contact?

You may send a pm to each other with personal information.


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Reason : do not post personal contact details here for your own security

Send Private Message to contact me.

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