Move to either Cancun or Puerto Vallarta from Canada

Hello everyone! My husband and I are considering moving to either Cancun or Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. We're a young, vibrant, middle-aged couple.

My husband is a general contractor/carpenter, and I have been a CHRP (Human Resources/Industrial and Talent Relations) specialist consultant for over 20 years.

I have not worked in 5+ years following recovery from emergency spinal cord surgery. My husband works under his own name and is doing very well. That said, medical specialists have been encouraging me, since my recovery, to get away from our Canadian winters if at all possible.

We would have to learn Spanish, but presently are both fluent in English and French. My husband, in particular, would like to secure work in the construction industry, namely fabricating kitchens and bathrooms.

We're not in a position to make a move like this without a guarantee that my husband, at least, can secure immediate employment.

And if he can, we would be looking to rent a small home or condo long-term.

Any input that present expats in Cancun or Puerto Vallarta can provide would be extremely appreciated! ...

Catherine & Marcel

You need to talk to a Mexican Consulate who would issue you a Resident Visa with permission to work.   Then he would have to run his own business.

>>>>>  can secure immediate employment.

Very unrealistic I believe.  Mexicans work for pennies compared to what you would want.    Sorry !!!!!

From my experience; 43 years as journeyman carpenter in Canada, I'd have to agree with Sparksmex. In a country where a tradesman is lucky to make $ 30 / day, your comment that your husband would have to obtain immediate employment doesn't indicate much serious 'investigation' yet, on your parts. I wish you luck. I had the same kind of 'dream' a few years back in an attempt to flee the cold and ice of Canadian winters .

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