Cashing Tax Refund Check

Ok, I have a new question. I just received a small State Tax Refund check. I still a bank in the USA. So, I do not have a banking account in Costa Rica. Is there anyway that I can cash this check here. I know back in USA, I could go to any Wal-Mart and cash it. The amount is less than $200.00 but every penny counts.
Would appreciate any information.
Thanks, Mike

Try BAC - but they will likely charge a $15 fee.

Good morning, thank you for the response. I just remembered when I woke up this morning that I can do a photo deposit by taking a photo of the check and I can deposit it that way. I have not done that in a long time so I forgot about it. It is a convenient way of making deposits. Have a great day, Mike

Open an account with it :D

We do our banking with banks that allow free atm withdrawals even in Costa Rica, where you can deposit by check via mail, deposit by mobile phone scan, or use auto-deposit and no charges are incurred for taking money from the US account here in Costa Rica at most any atm , it's free of charge.

I simply had my tax refunds auto-deposited to a bank like that and the money was available to withdraw here.

To me this is by far the best option, and I can withdraw up to $500,000 per day.

I prefer not to give the info here but if someone pm's me I'll tel you the bank we use.

I have a slightly different problem with cashing a check.  I have a check made out in US dollars from a Nicaraguan bank.   I tried depositing it into my BCR bank account in CR but they disallowed the deposit.  (I have no problem depositing USA checks at BCR.)  I called my USA bank but they will not accept international checks using mobile/ electronic deposits (only direct deposit at a USA bank branch).  BCR told me to go to BAC - they said they could cash the check there but there would be  a $15 fee.  I decided to hold off on that, although it is an option.  My daughter lives in Nicaragua, so I may have to wait until my next visit there to have her help me cash the check at her bank.  Any other ideas?

Although I am a permanent resident I still use my credit union in Georgia . I use my Capital Quicksilver credit card for most of my charges which does not charge me an international fee. I just pay off Capital each month. The last time I inquired with Banco Nacional here in San Ramon I was required to open an account with them and also had to have OFFICIAL RESIDENCE  which I did not have at that time many years ago. Possibly the laws have changed but I do not know for sure. Because I have flying benefits on Delta when I retired years ago it is easy for me to fly to the states for any reason and simply draw money out at my Atlanta airport branch on concourse A. When I want to exchange any or all of it here I get the Comp rate and lose nothing

After I posted that post the next morning I remember that I can make a deposit into my checking account by taking a photo of the front and a photo of the back of the check with my signature with my phone. Just a few minutes that check was deposited into my checking account. I am still using US Bank in the United States that way I can go to the ATM and withdraw whenever I need to. I also have learned to try to limit myself with the times that I go to the ATM machine because of the international fees.

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