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I am planning to move to Colorado on October and I am looking for like-minded people who either live there  or are planning to move there. I do not know anyone in Colorado, but I still want to move to Denver metropolitan area. Why? I was born in the mountains, so they are somehow giving me  a good feeling and I was there for vacation and it seems to be a nice place to make a living. (Also it seems ot be a liberal place). I don't have a job in Colorado yet, so my moving date might change. (Studied Business Administration)
I am from Austria and I am a Texas resident.

Hello kjerry, I moved to Colorado Nov 2012 from Florida although I am originally from N.Y. and Connecticut. Yes Colorado is beautiful and you should have no problem finding employment in Denver, I live in Trinidad 11 miles from New Mexico border and down here its very difficult to find work because we are so isolated.

However, you might want to look at 'Colorado Springs' instead of Denver. You might like it there better to live! Its just south of Denver and has  more of an Old Colorado feel to it and there is plenty of work there. Look for work at ""  I always find good jobs through them.  I hope this helps, Best regards. Lilly ;)

I lived in Colorado (foothills outside of Denver) for 20+ years before moving to the Caribbean. We recently went back for visit and found to place "alive" with lots of new building, housing, congestion.  I think you will find it a great place to live and maybe if Denver is the place look to live outside of town like in the foothills.

However Downtown (Lo-Do and Cherry creek areas) are great as well with lots of activities to keep you busy

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More info for jkerry,

    Colorado Springs: Consistently ranked as a top place to live and work, Colorado Springs is the state’s second largest city with 400,000 residents, a median home price of $195k, and home to the US Olympic Training Center, US Air Force Academy, Pikes Peak, Garden of the Gods State Park (pictured here) and more.
    Pueblo: Just 45 minutes south of Colorado Springs, Pueblo is home to 160,000 residents and offers a close-knit community feel with modern shopping, thriving local arts and culture, a 32-acre scenic river walk (with a nature center, shops and cafes), and hosts the annual state fair. With all this and a median home price of $166k, discover why Pueblo is called one of the most “Livable cities in America.”
    Cañon City: Known as an outdoor lover’s paradise (and a popular tourist destination) with amazing river sports and trails, Cañon City has 16,000 residents, an affordable cost of living, historic western feel, and cultural attractions that include theaters, galleries and museums.
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