How to transfer money to Pakistan?

Can anyone please guide me how to transfer the money (Kwanza) to Pakistan.

I want to send to my family there.

Please let me know , I'm totally new here.

M Salman

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If possible, ask your employer to transfer money directly to your account in Pakistan or where-ever.
Angolan Banks charge a hell of a lot of commission for transfer of money to foreign countries. In addition, the banks give you a fairly low exchange rate.

Dear Salman , sending money from Angola to Pakistan specially kwanza is  almost impossible.  If you have account then you can apply to transfer money by converting kwanza to dollar but it will take unknown time.
Try to ask your Angolan colleague to send money through western union but there is also rare chances.
Another option is to try max pay but they don't transfer to Pakistan, Ifor you have someone in US or Europe then you can transfer.
Best is buy dollar from Street and send by hand

Money transfer from Angola is like  (Joyey sheer lana)

Best of luck.


Dear Shams,

Thank you for the guidance. You are also from Pakistan may I know how you transfer to Pakistan. Means which way really prefer.

M Salman

Dear Salmam,

Since Your latest post banks have tied access to  foreign reserves. Mainly all Forex was affected by less 60% since 2014 (Nov). All this restritions are to avoid Hiper-Inflacion. Angola was Oil dependent (90%). .....

A few sujestions:

1. Review your contracts  and double check, because export of expact remuneration should be the responsability of the contractor ( company should make  sure you get Your money in Pakistan after tax) unless your contract says something else.

2. If you are desperate for foreign currency speak to banks manager to assist you or link to people  which Will arrive in Angola exchange legally imported foreign currency.  ( Rand/Dolar/yuan/Euros).

3. Banks which have higher reserves of Forex:

. Banco BAI (Talatona agency)
. Banco Atlântico (Talatona)
. Standard Banks (Talatona and City center)
. Banco BFA (Nova Vida, Talatona (PVT) and City head)

requirements are the same,

Good luck

Can anybody pls advise how can I receive money in Dubai from Angola. As per the company  in Angola, they cannot send the amount via any channel.

Many Thanks

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