Can people from a western civilization live there for a lifetime ?


my name is Doro, I am 26 years old, female, a Cultural Anthropologist, come from Germany and I am still stuying. Doing my M.A. in Mongolian studies at the moment. I ve been in Mongolia twice as a volunteer in a horse riding company for tourists in the countryside near UB. In my studies I am learning a lot about Mongolia and of course also the language. I will be there this summer again to visit a Summer School and do some holidays as well.
Also, my boyfriend is from Mongolia, we´re still studing together in Germany and got to know each other here. We plan to move to Mongolia together as soon as we finish our studies, like in one or two years.
When I think about moving to Mongolia, many things come into my mind. It is so exciting - so far away from home, so cold there, and different. Can people from a western civilization really live there for a lifetime? I mean, for some years, definetely. But I wonder who would make it for all the time? Are there any people who plan to do so? Please share your experiences with me, thank you. ;)

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Till members reply, you may also have a look at the Blogs from expats in Mongolia to have an idea of their experience so far.

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