Anyone interested in sharing time and hobbies in Gothenburg?

I'm new on this page but read a lot of happy storys about hope, love and caring for eachother. Also a lot of lonely people.
I live happily near the city and work in a central location. I love people, travelling and meeting different cultures.
Please don't hesitate contacting me if you want to talk, share a coffee, a walk, going somewhere or if you have questions about the city or Sweden in general.   Or even if you just feel lonely for any reason.
I love being outdoors, photography, cars and cooking, but also gardening, baking, meeting people and much more.
Enjoy the lovely spring, even though it was a nasty weather today....   :-).  / O


I live in Goteborg for 3.5 years. I used to have a lot of friends, but they are gone now. I am very active, but it is not a fun to do it alone. If you want to join me for some activties I will be glad. I am thinking to go to Botanic garden. So let me know if you would like to join.

Am laura and write me on*

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