Where to buy Furniture in Alicante


We're moving to Alicante city soon and would appreciate suggestions for good places to buy furniture for our apartment. 

On previous visits we saw plenty of furniture in one of the Cortes Ingles stores (and a few shops selling mainly beds and sometimes a bit of furniture) but not much else. Maybe other furniture stores are further out.

All suggestions welcome.


Well there are furniture shops all over the place in Alicante city. Also, Yecla, which isn't that far from Alicante is one of the big furniture manufacturing towns in Spain so there are still lots of showrooms there. And, of course, just down the motorway on the outskirts of Murcia city is the Swedish store where you can eat meatballs as you shop.

If you will have a car just drive along the N332 towards Sant Joan d'Alacant and there are numerous Muebles stores on the side of the road. When you hit Carrefour turn around and visit the ones on the other side of the road.
From the city it really isn't too far to go and better than trying to fight for traffic, parks and the general mess in the city.

Thank you. That gives me a few options.

Any suggestions for nearer to/inside Alicante also welcome.

Thank you, sounds worth a visit.

Hi Mike,

I heard from a friend of mine that a lot of furniture businesses in Yecla has gone bankrupt and there is a vast selection in outlets up there.

He mentioned himself buying, and I quote; 'Spanish quality furniture at IKEA' prices'.

Whether or not it is true I don't know, since I haven't been there myself. If you are willing to take the chance of driving to Yecla on 'hearsay' alone I wish you the best of luck :)

Maybe other people know of this before you go?

Why are you moving to Alicante by the way?

Let's Get To Work!

Carsten Hansen - H&E

Hi Carsten

Thank you, looks worth exploring.


Not quite central Alicante, but when we bought our holiday property in El Campello three years ago we went to a shop called Muebles Pastor in El Campello, located on the main street just by the station. The owner, Paco, was extremely helpful. He cut us bargain prices on virtually everything and delivered, assembled and installed it all for free as well as disposing of some of the old stuff for us, also for free. The shop is fairly small and what he has on display is only a small subsection of what he can order, but he has a huge selection of catalogues as well as examples of the different types of material and colours and things so we definitely didn't feel we were ordering stuff we hadn't seen. Going to a local family business like that was definietly more enjoyable than going to IKEA and it's also good to support these family businesses before they disappear. The furniture we got is definitely better quality than IKEA but the prices more or less at that level if not below.

Another shop we like is Albir Colonial. They have several shops spread across the wider area. They are more expensive than the previous shop I mentioned and some of the stuff they have is overpriced, but they also have some genuinely good stuff at a reasomable price, especially in terms of their garden furniture.

Hi Cirdan

Thank you, that's good to know. We can get the tram to El Campbello and there looks to be an Albir Colonial there too.


Hi Mike,

The Albir Colonial is outside of the town proper, but it's definitely walkable. I'd advise to print out a map before you go so you don't get lost. Mabe they have anothers shop in a different location that is more practical? Their main shop is the one in Albir. We went there once and they have the biggest choice there but the one in Campello is not bad either. If you like ethnic looking stuff (Thai and Moroccan) they have a lot of that. They're also good with wooden items (tables, cabinets, sideboards etc) and fancy lights. I can't remember if there were any sofas or things like that.

Now that I'm on the topic, I do know of a furniture shop n Alicante. At least it was there about a year ago when we were there last. It is on Glorieta Alcalde Agatángelo Soler, which is one of the roundabouts near the Gran Via Carrefour. The same bus that goes to the Leroy Merlin stops there. I think its the number 11 bus but I'm not sure. The shop looked nice but we didn't buy anything.

Thanks again, that's useful to know, especially the shop in Alicante itself.


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