I thought it would be wise to bring up this topic for all the foreigners who would want to own land in Kenya.Article 65 of the constitution provides that a non citizen cannot own a freehold estate but can own a leasehold for a period of 99 years. the lands act (Act no. 6 of 2012) also provide that foreigners or non-citizens can only own land under a leasehold tenure not exceeding 99 years.
Article 5(3) (A) AND (B) for a com[any to also own a freehold it must be wholly owned by Kenyans and  trust the trustees must hold land for the people who are citizens.
under Land Control Act(chapter 302 laws of Kenya) a non-citizen can only own agricultural land if its an initial grant from the Government or after obtaining a presidential exemption to acquire the land.

As I understand it, the above applies to land, not property.  Foreigners are permitted to invest in property, whether freehold or leasehold.

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