manual labor in factories


does anyone know where you can apply for this kind of work?
The job ads always advertise openings for engineers...

You can usually apply by contacting the company that runs the given factory.  Most have websites that list openings and general requirements


I did that,but still only manager position are listed.

it depends where you live, there is a website called indeed .be,  remember to put your cv in dutch, if you send it out, also they like you to send a letter with it telling why you want the job etc, also vdab have a website, and check out the local papers, don't forget you must speak and read in dutch to do factory work for safety reasons. also I know in most cities they have job days which can go to, even for factory work, also local knowledge is quite good so ask around, you will find if you send your cv in on the offchance someone will reply, also keep a look out in your local interim windows as some have contracts for certain factories . also there different kinds of factory work, so decide what you want to do, you don't say weather you have a heft truck licence (forklift to me and you) which would be an advantage. hope this helps good luck with the job hunting.

Thanks for the reply.Unfortunately I don't speak Dutch....

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