when is the stock market going to crash

when is it, all going to crash again,,

According to what I read "Any day is a Good day". It is in my opinion what market for it is a crisis in every country. I got out of the ponzi scheme and taking my chances with retirement and savings for I enjoy eating and I can't eat paper. I see the markets each day and when it does go looney those in it will be jumping out with loses beyond recognition, the market s being propped up by most governments and corporations buy back of the paper being issued as a safe haven. A fool and his Money are soon parted. Stay tuned and wait for it, everyday I see the sky is falling and one day the analysis will be right. I am on stand by and in wait mode (lol). Just my usual rant.

what ive read is that savings could drop 40 to 60%
lucky Im poor, and used to being poor,
it looks like Im going to have some new poor friends that don't know, what's it like to be poor,
never mind

The stock market is going to crash again when the Pig is flying...
I am sorry to hear about your financial loss Mr Spanish  :(

Ps I believe that Madonna is saying "The girls they are having the most fun" it True in Brazil because in India they are not having any fun at all

yes the girl in brazil,are all having fun, but I believe the reason the girls, don't have fun in India,  is because the controlling Neanderthal, "men" stop them,
one day the women  will have the power, :one

Well I am going to take a wait and see on this one, give it a few weeks and watch the shenanigans and manipulation for I gave up along time ago for me it crashed 2 years ago. If you have time and it is of interest for I have no money to invest, got money for gas,food,power and no extra. (lol) this is scary

Investors boost bets on post-Rousseff Brazil but doubts persist | Reuters … SKCN0Y31NO

Just chiming in, Enjoy

Balls in the British hands now. Just cannon fodder and keeping with the post.
Brazil’s Stocks Rally as Growth Outlook Adds to Brexit Optimism - Bloomberg … mp;ref=yfp
Wondering will they exit. World Economics 001.
Enjoy if one is interested.

there's loads of money being made from uncertainty
the "in the Know " people sold the pound a long time ago,, and now those people are now buying the pound back, and making loads of money out of it
even the bank of England has sold the pound and is now buying it back
in a world of no uncertainty there's no money to be made
and if you don't have any uncertainty, then make it, and I believe there some rich people out the making uncertainty, and girding the world to words it

spanishpete :

when is it, all going to crash again,,

It started Friday. Maybe?

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