Working for a Swiss company in Vietnam: Visa and tax?

Hi, maybe someone can give me information here.
I will for 6 years or more live in Vietnam and worked for a Swiss company (writing and photography). From Switzerland I get a pension and a salary. Withholding tax I pay in Switzerland.
What kind Visa / work permit do I need as a Swiss?
Do I pay tax in Vietnam?
thank you

Hi autologisch,
This Swiss company is in Vietnam? If right, they must make a work permit for you, then you'll can apply a resident card in Vietnam (3 years) - you don't need to renew visa along that time (3 years).

About tax: A rule: you work in Vietnam, you need to pay tax for Vietnam Government.

(if Personal Income Tax of Swiss higher Personal Income Tax of Viet Nam, you must pay income tax for VN first, after that you must pay income tax for Swiss for spot the difference income).

Thx Kim
The Swiss copany is not in Vietnam. The headquarter is in Switzerland

Oh, i see.

The Swiss company is not in Vietnam. So you just want to move and live in Vietnam (not work for any company in Vietnam), you don't need to pay Tax for Vietnam Government.

You can apply a travel visa in Vietnam (03 - 06 months) and renew it after that.

Ok, sounds good. A permanent residence permit is not nessecary?

Because work permit or resident card just for employee/ investors in Vietnam. If you just travel to Vietnam and work as a freelancer for A Swiss company (not in Vietnam), you just need to apply a travel visa. Very easy! :)

Welcome to Vietnam.

:top:  thx. I move end of the year to vietnam

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