Need support in Madrid

Greetings from Madrid,

I just moved to Spain from Dubai, based in Madrid, need to communicate with people to learn more about Spain ( culture, language, advises.....etc), I can speak French and English, please help me in this move.

Best regards.

Hi Mokhtar,

This website will be useful to you as you are fluent in French : … turel.html

All the best,

P.S i have moved your thread to the anglophone forum since your post is in English.

Hi Mokhtar,

where are you from?
i am lebanese, living in madrid.

what do you need???


Hi Nayla,

Tank you for your email, I am Algerian and I was leaving in Kuwait, I moved recently to Madrid and I am looking for help in getting some tips about how to have a smooth integration, as you know Dubai is very easy to leave in, no taxes.
Not sure about what taxes I should pay here? I want to make new friends, understand the culture and learn Spanish as fast as possible.

How about you? How many years in Madrid?

Best regards.

19 years...

if you work you'll pay taxes.



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Thank you,
I am traveling out of Spain right now, I will give you a call when I am back.

Take care of yourself.

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