NZQA assessment result unspecified can I clam level 7 --> 50 points..?

Hi All,

I have done my qualification assessment and received following results.
"Asses[img][img]C:\Users\chandanak\Desktop\my\NZ\error eoi\1.jpg[/img][/img]sment Outcome : A qulification at Level 7 (120 credits)
Explanation of assessment outcome : Your Bachelor of Science from University of ABC has been comparable to a qualification at Level 7 (120 credit). This is an unspecified outcome. This means your qualification is substantially different any New Zealand Qualification as this level, in terms of both structure and content. "

I have done final year top up degree, to qualify for the above final year, they consider some academic coerces cisco certifications & work experience.

In this situation I know I can not claim LTSSL but can I claim for qualification Level 7 50 points since "F6a. What New Zealand qualification was your qualification assessed as being comparable to? " not a mandatory field.

I planning to claim below points.
1. age - 25 points
2. recognized Qualifications - 50
3. 10 years recognized experience 45
4. Partner - 20


Please advice.

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