GCC wide Ban


I came on vacation on 14/04/2016 and after some days i sent my resignation letter to my Manager.

My manager says he is not ready to accept my resignation as their is some important works for which he needs me.

He even visited my home for asking me to join the company.

He said that if i don't join then i will be banned for 5 years in saudi as i am on exit re-entry visa(which will expire on 31.08.2016). He even said that i will be banned in other GCC countries.

Can anyone please let me know whether i will be banned in only Saudi Arabia or in Whole GCC?????????

as far as I know you will be banned for 2 years only in KSA
check if this has been changed recently

Fjurji: Thanks for the info.....

There is nothing such as a GCC ban. Nor it's coming soon.

thanks for info friend.....

2 or 5 year ban to the KSA....Rest of the GCC is open for you...

One of my friends took exit re-entry visa and didn't return because of health issues.
After 3 months of expiring his Iqama and visa, he took freelancer visa (electrician) and returned to the kingdom without any problems.
YES, he was asked at Riyadh airport about why he didn't return on the last visa and he simply replied I had health issues.

What I think is, there is no such ban on people who leave kingdom on exit re-entry but it is safe to consider not doing it or better take NOC from company.

@ Legend ,

GCC wide ban is already place since 2014, correct me if wrong

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