European looking for job in Dubai

I`m from Europe. And I`m looking for job in Dubai.
Maybe somewhere is requirement agencies or something like that which can help find the job and find an apartment where to live? (Or company)
Soon I will get Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, diploma I will get after ~20 +- June. I mean I can arrive in Dubai after June and start work.
In what I`m interesting:
Tester (Test software/ web- pages etc.)
Maybe something in multimedia, design (Adobe flash projects, Photoshop) depends what I should do.
Data Entry Operator.
SolidEdge. Well, I`m not professional but I thing I pretty good in these software.
Maybe it`s possible to get job in google maps, take the street view photos. (I just heard about it) But probably I need to get some certificate? It`s mean I need to pass course or something like that, if courses is free it`s ok. 
I already have knowledge in programming but I think just in beginner level.
Maybe there are other interesting offers?
I ready look not only for IT Jobs if there is some offer which will be fine for me. (But I didn`t like work with clients etc.)

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