Cold Weather

Hello All- I am considering a job in Agaba and would like to know everyone's honest opinion of HOW COLD IT REALLY GETS (never cold in Qatar where I am now), and what type of cold weather clothing should I bring with me from the US????


In summertime it can be very hot,  and hot I mean over 50 C degrees, although the weather forecasts say different and in wintertime around 20/25 C degrees.

I keep hearing horror stories about snow, wind and sub zero temperatures, but in this region, it doesn't seem possible. I want to make sure I am aware and prepared for the worst scenario...

There is snow and other fun winter weather but more in the north.
I need to change my optimistic for Aqaba : it can be there cold too but not as much as in the north and in the mountains.

Can anyone give me an idea on what to bring? Will I need gloves, winter clothes, etc????

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