What kinds of wildlife were you able to observe during outdoor trips, nearby, or even in your own garden so far in Jordan?

Yesterday I saw a owl sitting on the car while I drove the kids to school. The car was at a garage. Last week I saw a beautiful little black bird with a dark blue head. Simular to a hummingbird. Unfortunately I was not able to take a picture as I was in the car and not fast enough to grab my phone.

I have enough wildlife around the house: spiders, ants, mosquitos, flies, streetcats, dogs and other undefinable insects.  :D
A few times even a fox. 

At our farm I spotted turtles, salamanders hedgehogs, wolves, frog or two,  some raptors besides the rabbits, goose, chickens, lambs, a dog and pigeons.

But real wildlife?  No,  unless you count the zoo in the south  (forgot the name and place )

Amazing to see a owl. Usually they are seen in rocky poor populated areas such as white petra and the formations of wadi rum. Sorry, neither zoos (captivity) nor ninja turtles or bugs bunny count!
Where again did you spot wild wolves, salamanders and turtles?

I was pleasant surprised to see that owl. I wanted to stopped and take a snapshot (again with my phone ) but I was running late as usual and I was on a busy street.
But maybe Harry Potter lost his owl.

Our farm is located in the area of Madaba.

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