Saudi Arabia soon to introduce the Green Card for expats

Hello everyone,

If you are looking forward to settle in Saudi Arabia, here is some good news for you.

Local media report that Saudi Arabia plans to introduce a green card system, that is to say permanent residency in the Kingdom over the next five years. This plan was recently announced by Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Permanent residency's main goal is to attract more foreign investment while allowing the recruitment of a larger number of expatriates, against fees. According to this plan, sponsorship will no longer be required to work in Saudi Arabia.

However, holders of the green card will be charged with “zakat” and value-added tax if applicable, besides insurance premiums, etc. They will also be allowed to buy real estate properties and engage in commercial, industrial or other related activities.

On the other hand, permanent residents will be allowed to start a business, work in a university or other education hubs, thus contributing to the country's economy.

Find more information here :

Hard to believe that can happen in Kingdom.
But if it's true and happen in future, it will help foreign a lot to settle here.

No way. It won,t happen at all. This rumor is in the air for last 20 years in various colors.

This is all true but the thing is: it's not what it is being perceived to be. You can't compare it to US green card system as it might not be the gateway to citizenship.

The exact conditions of eligibility aren't announced yet and I guess they'll be released after a few years from now.  From what has been announced yet:

1- It will be available for a limited number of investors and intellectuals. The perception that it's for everyone is misleading.

His Excellency,Prince Mohammed, during his interview with Bloomberg has linked it to revenue generation stream. And that's how you see it in all communication. You can view the Vision 2030 announcements on 25th April on public media; and you'll note the same.

This is clear hint of how this will work in collaboration through the SAGIA channels. The main objective here is to cut reliance of economy on oil through many different set of initiatives.

An official website has been launched at More info on Vision 2030 can be found on the website.

2- Yesterday, the government announced that green card will be on in five years time from now. By that time, the a certain level of saudization targets might have achieved. Experts expect it to be 75%.

Saudi Arabia is the last place where an expat would want to invest in property and acquire a permanent residence. :(

History will repeat once again with other trick, simply it's look like smell fishy because if you said Green Card and compare with US GC, it's can't be. Because in USA they are giving everyone who stayed there up to fixed time to get GC, without counting poor/rich/families/singles/business man or road master.

But here I believe that, they are going to announce soon who will be illegible to get GC, most of people those can invest here, or have already big bank balance, 100% it will be base on your wealth, just to get zakat, and apply other rules to get money from them.

It's coming ssssoooooonnnnn guys...Take a break... :lol:

TheLegendLeads :


An official website has been launched at More info on Vision 2030 can be found on the website.


And English version of website is down  :)

Ehtesham :
TheLegendLeads :


An official website has been launched at More info on Vision 2030 can be found on the website.


And English version of website is down  :)

Traffic man traffic! :)

This seems like more of a debt relief strategy

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