Risks of kidnapping in Luanda: be careful

Hello everyone,

A French national working for a Danish conglomerate in Luanda was kidnapped a few days ago by unidentified criminals. Detained for four days, he was eventually released safe and sound. Local authorities have started an inquiry so as to identify the kidnappers. However, the company has not disclosed any details about the incident.

Foreign nationals who are on the spot are therefore advised to be very careful and pay strict attention to safety instructions. Moreover, it is recommended to avoid using the expressway between Benfica and the November 11 Stadium until further notice, except under armed escort or convoy.

Expat security thus remains one of the main concerns of foreign companies operating in the country.

Yeah. Its happen in Luanda.  People suggest to don't go alone any where.

I'm also new here just two week here and the place is killing me.

No freedom to go out .

M Salman

Is this really the situation in Luanda. I was in Luanda during 2011-2014. I stayed in Mainga area and used to move freely during day. I used go for evening walk around that area regularly. I did not feel any threat. May be I was doing it ignorantly.
Now I am in Lagos, Nigeria and the situation is no better than Luanda.



Actually there have been several kidnappings, two of French citizens (according to some sources a ransom has been paid).
There have been kidnappings of Portuguese and Chinese citizens too.
A Portuguese man has been killed.
The situation is not good at all, just be careful and avoid leaving the center of the city.

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