Car Rental Companies in Khobar

Hey Friends,
Could anyone please help me, I would like to know some car rental companies n khobar who are best in service and easy to deal with.


Hi ccl_00032,

There is a car rental company in the business directory : … ar-rental/

You may want to get in touch with them.

Thanks :)


Thanks Priscilla, there is only one contact there. I have already contacted ...

Here I was trying to listen some who has experienced it... can guide me with his experience


I used theeb while I was getting a car seemed ok
pain in the **** to get to, down 4th street and follow the dirt track to the compound at the end of the road,
there are a few up there

anyone else who has experienced it.

Wallan is also a good and cheaper option.

If you go monthly any company will be good to deal with, Avis/Budget etc.

hanco , Avis , aljazeera

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