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Is it expensive to get a working visa?

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No.... it is not. it is probably around 30$ or less for tourist visa. but i believe that for the ASEAN integration, there is no visa need for some country..

Check this website for info.


Fee for business visa renewal ***:

Description                            Price    Duration       Attachment
1 Month-Single Entry             $60.00     3-5 Days   
3 Months-Single Entry     $90.00     3-5 Days   
6 Months-Multiple Enties    $170.00     3-5 Days               Passport +
1 Year-Multiple Entries    $300.00     3-5 Days        1 pasport photo
Child                                   $30.00     3-5 Days

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Note that if you arrive with a tourist visa you can only extend it once and you would NOT be able to get a long term visa suitable for work.

When you first arrive you have to get an ORDINARY visa (cost (US$ 35) as opposed to a tourist visa that costs US4 30.

This ORDINARY visa is valid for 30 days but can be extended at the type of cost detailed in the previois post

If u r a Filipina don't take the three week entry at No charge if u want to stay a few months up to  a year or u will have to exit after three weeks   Get an ORDINARY VISA  PAYING 35 us and after  30 days you can extend it for as long as you want to stay  six months is about 165,U.S. , a year 300. Us

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