Canadian Government Chaques

I receive a semi annual Old Age Pension cheque from the Canadian Canadian funds. Until recently I was able to deposit this into a BAC account. They sent it for collection. Simple. Recently they stopped doing this saying that their US partner bank was no longer willing to offer this service. Does anyone know of a bank that will accept cheques in Canadian funds (or Euros) ?

if you open an United States bank account and have the cheques deposited there? you should be able to access you check from there? I am curious if you find another way I am moving to Nica from Ontario in November and will be receiving a cheque from Canada as well.

Is it possible to open an account in the US if you don't live there?

Do you still have a bank account in Canada?   Most banks allow a mobile check deposit through their smartphone apps.   From there, you could withdraw the funds at a local ATM(less the fees).

No I don't. That's the problem. I have lived in Nicaragua for 15 years...before that in Costa Rica. I have no accounts in Canada or the US. I had the status of a Landed Immigrant in Canada. I lived there 40 years. Was turned down on a citizenship application when I was a student...because I was outside the country studying...I never reapplied. When I left...I left

Yes i am in canada and have an american account

How did you get the US account?

I opened it with my bank in Canada but the BAC should be able to open one for you. they should have suggested it actually. In Canada you have to get a credit card that is linked to the account in order to access the money from outside the branch you can open a ING or Tangerine account which does all of its banking on line. they will send you a bank card in the mail. They do not deal with Nica but they do deal with Canada and the US. and they give pretty good interest.


With account, you can also withdraw money with your debit card (3$ fee). There is also a new multi-currencies online bank : for Canadians and for Americans. Foreign exchange are pretty cheap and provide the possibility to transfer money abroad (Tangerine don't do that) . Zenbanx account come with a debit card that can be use abroad.

With those 2 banks, you can open account online. Then ask the Government to depose your cheques electronically to the selected bank.

You can also use to transfer money abroad. It's cheaper.

Thank you for your reply but I am not sure that it would work for me. I don't live in Canada anymore I don't plan on going back. I gave up my citizenship there. Do I have a right to open a bank act. in Canada? I don't think so but perhaps you know. What is it that BAC can give me? They tell me that they no longer handle Canadian money in any form and as far as I can determine that goes for all other financial institutions in Nicaragua. Interestingly, the Quebec government can and does send my pension cheques in US dollars.

This may be my salvation. I will try thank you.

You can open a bank account in any country you want from any country you are from I can open a tangerine account from Canada and I have never been to Australia.

I'll let you know..thanks

OK I entered the site...I am told that the service is available only to Ontario residents and that I need a North American cel # which I don't have. So that seems to negate Zen Banx....unless I use a friend's direction and cel number. Do you think that would work?

Yes i think that would work

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