can it get worse ""Brazil swine flu"

Brazil swine flu: H1N1 vaccinations to begin as virus kills 230
from the BBC

Yes it can get worse. My lady in Belem took her shot last week. What's next maybe the Olympics will be cancelled for it seems all the cylinders are working against the country. Meanwhile the economy,zika,impeachment process. One cannot make these things up ! Is there any relief insight.
Just my thoughts, I had read a article several weeks ago on the H1N1 and was in disbelief of and said to myself what's next. And with the current climate on vaccines who wants to take a shot of anything. The Media is going to have a good time with this spoiler news, I hope the country can catch a break from the crazy news.

O yes my humble friends it can be getting much worse

You an be getting the "Man flu" here in Brazil oh so very bad!

Also the "Yuppie Flu" it is very dangerous lets pray it will not arrive in Brazil soon

Yuppie Flu,, never come to brazil,
it only affects, people that are on time, reliable, and turn up when they say they will
so your never see it here

Great.  :|  I live in Sao Paulo state which has been the worst hit. My parents, who are both over the age of 60, and my 4-yr-old nephew are coming to visit in June, and they'll now have to contend with swine flu along with Zika, Dengue, and crime! I don't think we'll leave our apartment.  :sosad:

In India we are having the Dengue fever with the Malaria , is oh so very bad
I will pray for your family

would you really, that's very kind of you
the only problem is there all dogs

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