Moving to Madrid from Dubai..

HI All,

I am new to this site and i tried to figure out what is the best place to live in Madrid . I am moving to Madrid from my company as an intercompany transfer from Dubai.. My Department head office is located there . Would like to ask your kind support by letting me know below details.

* Correct Tax calculator for salaries in Madrid Spain . I am bit new for this tax thing since here in DUbai we are getting TAX free salary.

* What is the best place to live in Madrid. If any expats nearby would be really good for time been until I learn spanish.. For now I am Zero in Spanish :) I keen to learn spanish anyway..

* Best Website to check for an apartment ?  . Preferably  I am checking two or one bedroom apartment around Madrid with easy access to Subway Metro.

* What will be the Cost ? If you can help me to get general idea would be fine.

* Would like to learn Spanish? Any recommended places or tutors?

* A Place to play Table Tennis ? or club . I am middle advance player and must continue with it :) 

Look forward your replies to me. Thank you..


Hi Sam,

Welcome on board  :)

The Living in Spain guide will provide you with some general infos.

Particularly these articles :

- Tax in Spain

- Accommodation in Madrid

For the average cost, this website will give you some indications : … ty=Madrid.

Furthermore, do not hesitate to drop your own adverts in the sections which suit your needs so that to get some offers :

- Language classes in Madrid

- Housing in Madrid

All the very best,

Hi Sam,

where are you from?
i am lebanese, i live in spain, I'am teacher... (spanish, french and arabic) .
Aqa is a good club for tennis, paddle, etc...

let me know if you need anything.


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Hi Sam,

Try to connect with people in Madrid via as well - they have a big group up there with some good people :) The people in the group can direct you to: education, leisure activities, taxes etc etc.

Anything else you need just ask - wish you the best!

Carsten Hansen

Hi Samee, I am Azhar living in Madrid city center, here are some websites to find some nie accamodation. If you can tell where will be your office I might can suggest you some nice neighbourhood to live,´

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