Naitive English Teacher

Im looking for an American who can teach me English in Hcmc
I can pay 1.5 mil/ 10 times. 1time 1.5 hour
Location and time we can discuss more

Please contact me via viber XXX

Thank you.

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Just a friendly word of advice. You are able to pay 1,5 mill for 10 lessons (1,5 hour each). Teaching in any of the public schools, an English teacher can earn 15 dollars per hour (which is not a good rate but let's use it anyway for this example). A teacher can thus in 15 hours earn 225 dollars (about 5 million Vietnamese dong). You would be paying 3,5 million less than a lowly paid English teacher could earn per hour. Long story short, you should consider improving your offer or buy a self study book (English grammar/vocabulary in use).

Would it not be more suitable to engage an 'Englishman' to teach you English?? the American English is full of misspelt words i.e. Colour (Correct English) = color (American English) I could go on but I don't have the time....the British gave the Americans a perfect language and they completely abused it.... :)

Boohoo...English is English. Use it however you want as long as people can understand your message. Who are you to say American English isn't superior to the old, archaic British English. To the OP, I can teach you at that rate but it would be one lesson being taught over and over and over.

:D I was expecting some 'Incoming' hostilities...the post was made with tongue in cheek, you are obviously without a sense of humor!!........ :top:

Hi Shintagemini,

could you please post your ad in the classifieds section > language classes ?

Many thanks


-I close this thread as this is an ad an not a discussion-

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