HELLO BAHRAIN. Bahrain is like a maze. Is cluttered with little and big shops everywhere, there is so much everywhere that gets confusing. Please I need to know where to find the following stuff if anyone here can help, I will be happy and thankful (please best prices places):
1. Wood:
- Playwood
-wood planks
- wood pallets
2. Formica:  4x8 feet laminate.  Its a coated wooden sheet.
3. Manson Jars. Yes that brand of jars I like or similar.
Hope someone replies :)


I guess the best place to look for the above would be Danube buildmart & Manazel which are close by (Salmabad) … 085ee8febd

and i found this link for Mason Jars


There is a huge wood yard behind Manazels - if you are in Manazels carpark with Manazels behind you look straight ahead (across the waste ground) and you will see a few garages. To the left of those is a road, just inside that road is the wood yard - they sell everything you are asking for.

Hi Everyone thanks for the replies. I found that place @Joshnuggles is talking about. In Bahrain you can find all this little places capable of creating all your crazy ideas. I like Bahrain.

I got some stuff at Danube also.

the manson jars from that instagram is not replying. Plus that person was selling each little jar for 3bd so not worth it.


can you try … eland.aspx


i also recommend this place

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