Cheers to Save-A-Gato

Well, our tour here in PR is coming to an end - we transfer out in a couple of months.  While our household goods are being shipped back to the mainland US, we are renting an apartment in OSJ until my wife's last day of work.

Every night we take a walk along the Paseo.  It's a really nice area, and we've been noticing the wonderful job Save-A-Gato has been caring for the local cats.  When they feed and water them, there's no fighting or scuffles (although I'm sure there's a hierarchy among the group), and nearly all the cats look to be in great shape.  There are some beautiful cats among the group.

When we first moved here 3 years ago, it was much different - things have greatly improved and many, many thanks to the volunteers.  We try to give a couple of bucks to the organization every so often.  If you ever find yourself strolling the Paseo in OSJ, give some spare change.  I'm sure they welcome all the help that they can get.  Here is their website:

OSJ is a wonderfully interesting place, and the stray cats are part of its charm; however feeding strays (and thus allowing them to survive and prosper in ever larger numbers) undoubtedly has an enormous and terrible ecological impact on native fauna, especially birds (but also lizards and, in other parts of the island, snakes). For a suitable reference, see this study published in 2013 (the abstract summarizes the main findings quite well): … 2380.html.

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As long as they go after the iguanas and not the Coqui, I am ok with it. But they should be sterilized first then be well fed until they pass.

Save-A-Gato continually traps, nueters/spays, and vaccinates the cats along the Paseo.  You can the cats they have treated by the ear notch they cut while the cat is under anesthesia.

Im fixed but no ear notch. :lol:

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