I am on EP in malaysia,Does my wife work with Dependent Pass.?

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I am in malaysia on EP,My wife is Dependent on my Visa.

Does she is eligible to work here if my Employer issue no Objection letter ?

Please Advice,

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Why would you think that????

She got a Job offer here in Malaysia,I just want to know whether she can work with same visa or How?

Previously i heard from my friends Dependent can work here but my company has to provide some no objection letter.
Other's said she has to go to immigration with her offer letter and Dep Pass,they will endorse on her dep pass so that she can work.
Don't know which one is the correct one.


All working spouses I know got their own work permit (employment pass). You cant work on a dependent visa.

There is or was a scheme that allowed spouses on dependent visas seek the right to work but the criteria are just as strict as a work permit so I havent met or even heard online of anyone actually getting right stamped on a dependent visa (obviously I am ignoring where one spouse is a Malaysian). The system is to get a job offer and approach immi. The issue is most employers wont offer a job to someone they think needs a work permit unless they can get one. So then they think simpler to get the work permit! Hence a useless system.

Intetesting if anyone here ever managed it?

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