From Vancouver retiring to DR - Which area to choose?

Hello to all,
My husband and I have never been to the Dominican Republic before and would like to visit in January. We are from the Vancouver area and plan on retiring in a couple of years. I hear so many great things about D.R. and wonder which area would be best for us to stay. Would like to be near a calm beach, snorkeling, English speaking, safe, not overly busy, access to dirtbike  and horseback riding. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Lena from cold Canada

Lena welcome. The country is big and diverse.  We settled on the north coast with a large expat community (lots of English spoken) and a good mix of Expats, locals and tourists. There are some great beaches, snorkeling, and lots to do.  You should plan on a couple of trips and visit the various areas. Some may work for you and some not.

There is lots of in formation on this board so read, read, and read some more.  Feel free to ask an questions you may have.

Again welcome from the Sosua/Cabarete area of the north coast (we have lived here full time for 10 years)


Welcome Lena,  Bob has it right.  You need more then one visit OR one really long visit to check out the various areas of this country. It is very diverse and not all areas suit everyone.   

Read the forums for info and feel free to ask your questions.  AND please keep us updated on your progress!

Hello all :cheers:

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