Taixing/Taizhou 2016

Hi all,
I'm somewhat new to the area. I moved to Taixing back in November of 2015 (originally from the Cleveland, Ohio area) and have spent the first 6 months or so trying getting accustomed to my surroundings and starting up a new, relatively small factory in the area.

I travel to Shanghai often, but it's a bit of a hassle and it'd be nice to find some other expats in the Taixing/Taizhou/JingJiang area. I'm scheduled to be here until at least the beginning of 2018, so don't hesitate to comment if this post ages a bit...


hey Ryan, I recently moved to Jingjiang and I'm looking for people to hang out as well. If you're interested add ne on we chat: josharap

Hi I'm starting work in Taizhou on the first of December, wondered if you could give me any tips or places to visit in the area on my days off? Appreciate any advice :)


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