a paralegal course

My other is a paralegal is that something that might required to work in Costa Rica

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Thank you Priscilla . Myself and my partner are thinking of moving to Costa Rica with
In the next few years I  read somewhere that you do not get a working visa very easily. I was wondering what careers  or education are required in Costa Rica

You cannot legally work here until you are a Permanent resident which will take approx 4-5 years or have a work visa. And yes, they are very hard to get. Being bilingual/speaking Spanish for any legal work would be required.

Residency requirements

Hi! the process of getting your degree recognized and be able to use it here to work legally, is expensive but not that hard to do. After that, it is quite a long process to get your residency. You can always use a good lawyer and I have one to recommend you in Tamarindo. After that, working as a bilingual in the legal field will help you a lot living a good life due to the incoms of this job here!

If you are bilingual, that will open many doors in Costa Rica as far as finding employment in the legal profession.

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