Non eu citizen entered Portugal as refugee married to a Eu citizen

Hi guys,
My partner is a European citizen from Hungary and me non European will be in refugee status. How do we get married and stay with residence permit in Portugal.
Any suggestions will be much appreciated
I know some people may not like or appreciate the idea of being a refugee but the situation is not always in our control. Sometime people do become helpless and as a last resort they have to go through this path . I hope someone can appreciate that. So kindly no hate comments etc.
Thanks in advance you wonderful people.

I am not qualified in Portuguese immigration laws but usually they are more comprehensive than French on this subject.
In France, you can marry even if you do not have a valid authorization to work and reside.  The only limit is that the public prosecutor may fear that you are marrying only to have a visa, and delay the mariage so that he can check whether this is the case.
To get married in a foreign country, you usually have to prove that you have the capacity to get married (usually that you are single and of legal age to marry). The certificate is issued by your country of origin, and in your case this may be the difficult part of the story.
You may be entitled to legal assistance to go through this process. You can check on the EU website … por_en.htm
or contact the local bar association of lawyers.
hope this helps and good luck !

Thanks a bunch for your kind response.

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