Anyone who is living in Quebec?

Hello guys!
I will be in Quebec after on July! Just want to meet with peoples who are living in Quebec just to share with me their experience!

I am new to Quebec. Just settled down in Montreal since April.
Keep in touch!

Hi! That's great and thanks for your reply! How is life going on there? French Is not a problem for you?

Hi, I have been here in Montreal for about a year. French is extremely important if you want to work in your academic and/or professional field. I'm a teacher, so  it's important to me even if I teach English and Spanish. I guess it depends on the type of job you want.
Good luck!

Oooh! Thank you very much, I'm a painting artist by professional, and my host told me to learn French, sometimes its hard coz in my country only we speak English and Swahili.

French is not an easy language to learn, but with all the resources available to help people learn, it can be done.

I am French Canadian and my family immigrated here over 227 years ago.  Montreal Island is a great place for anyone to slowly get acclimatized to the culture since Montreal is a hub and mix for people from many cultures. The island is aprox 55% people speaking other languages other than french. Off the island, 90 % are french speaking.

If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer if I can. :)

Welcome to Canada, kidonto and thchua

Hello Molari and Anmaoueslati!
Thanks for the information, when I will settle there I would like to work as a Painting artist, that's my professional, what's about the Arts business there? Especially paintings..! There's enough of Art Galleries and Exhibitions in the City?

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