Cayman's indentured-labour system

Anybody looking to work in Cayman should make himself aware of the indentured-labour system that applies to all foreign workers. Expats are not free to change jobs without the consent of their employers. Work Permits are issued to employers, not employees. In practice, most employers do not withhold that consent, and don't forbid an employee from attaching himself to somebody else when the Permit expires. Professionals in all fields are pretty safe, in that regard.

However, low-skilled expats in general are at genuine risk of exploitation, especially domestic servants. Labour unions are not allowed to operate, although there is no actual law against them; so all expats are at the mercy of politically appointed labour-control bodies and anti-expat bureaucrats. All our elected politicians are beholden to the anti-expat voting bloc, and elections to our local legislature tend to be won by the group or individual whose promises to stick it to the expats are reckoned to be the most sincere. (There are no significant policy differences among the candidates.)

For decades I campaigned against the exploitation in newspaper columns, but one by one the sympathetic papers went out of business for lack of advertising, and all I have now is my blog. Initially, from its beginning in 2010, the posts were addressed to my local audience - and that's where interested persons can find plenty of information relating to expats in Cayman. The situation today is little changed from what it was then. Below is the non-specific link to the site. I'll always be glad to answer specific questions.

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