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Hey Y'all:  I will be there. In Cuenca this summer and am looking for a reputable real estate agent.  Can snyone recommend someone who is honest, trustworthy, and knows the city. 

Also on a separate subject what is the best way to get to Cuenca?  I am flying from San Antonio and if I fly to Quito or Guyaquil the prices are inexpensive and get there quickly.  If I fly to Cuenca there is a 20 plus layover in Quito and the prices are quite high. 

Thanks for the help.....

Hello 6monthsiniraq :cheers:

I invite you to check out professionals recommended in our business directory :

> Real estate in Cuenca


We are on the west coast USA and fly into GYE. We then take a cab for $3 to the bus station and book seats on The bus to Cuenca. They take our luggage, etc. The bus runs every hour. Once In Cuenca we take a taxi $2.50 to our Hostal on Calle Largo. Real estate....Eddie Remache. He has a Facebook site. There are no official RE agents licensed like in the USA. You can PM me and I can tell u about Eddie and our experiences with him and others.

Hi, may I also get that real estate  gentlemans name also? God bless.

eddie Remache. in Cuenca thanks!

If you prefer to fly, book your Quito to Cuenca flight(s) separately from the overseas flight(s).

I just checked at and found a UIO-CUE-UIO roundtrip pair of flights for $48 plus tax, three weeks from now. 

The first flight leaves in the morning, so stay for one night at Quito Airport Suites or one of the budget hotels a few miles from the capital’s international airport in Tababela, Ecuador, after you arrive from Tejas.


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