Urgent Question - Work Visit Visa

Hello everyone.

I have an employee in Saudi on a work visit visa.
The visa expires on the 2nd of May - however he went to Dubai last week so the 30 day period ends on the 20th of May.

He is alright to stay in the country till the 20th of May - even though the visa expiry date is 2nd May?

Any information would be much appreciated.

No he will need to leave when his visa expires.

Hello Eby,

I know my reply is quite late & it might not be fruitful anymore.

anyhow, just writing for your information.

The way work visa or commercial visa works is:

first of all you need to check if visa have single entry or multiple entries.

single entry visas are valid only till expiry date for the duration of stay. for example: visa was issue on 1st January and expiring on 1st April with duration of stay of 90 days. bearer of visa can come any time between 1st January till 1st April and stay 90 days (even though visa expires later on) but he must enter in Saudia before 1st April.

for multiple entry visas;

for example:
visa was issued on 1st January
with expiry date of 1st April
duration of stay: 30 days

bearer of visa can enter any time between 1st Jan till 1st April and stay 30 days. he can even come on 1st April and stay another 30 days.

i hope this make sense.

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