Auto ins

Moving to Mainland Mexico in August and staying for awhile while home is being built. We spent 3 months Dec-Feb and purchased our full coverage auto ins in Acuna Tx (6 month policy) for roughly 300 dollars. Should I return to Pronto ins and do that again since I'll be coming back to do the 180 day permit renewal or are the rates better inside Mexico or should I say the companies better ( better coverage and more reputable ). Thanks Troy

I would stick with the company that you know will cover you in Mexico. My company wouldn't so I chose Aba seguro which was said to be one of the best for Americans coming to Mexico. I have heard some positive things, and then there is my experience which was very far from positive. When my car was flooded with a down pour , I got nothing but problems, and they refused to declare the car totaled after they stalled and waited three weeks to begin repairs.
I think a Mexican insurance can work, but that's something you would have to investigate  and ask about here. I lost half the value of my car and had to return it to the U.S. to get that. It cost me a lot of time and money.

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