looking for Karate or self defense classes in Budapest

Dear Expats,

I am looking for a an English speaking Karate or self defense class  in the center of Budapest (V,VI,VII,VIII) .
Do you know any? I would be very grateful  :)

Hello dazanfekte :)

I invite you to drop an advert in the Sports classes in Budapest section of the site to increase your chances to find karate tutoring.


This wasn't your question, but forget about starting to learn any kind of martial arts for self-defense. Get a pepper spray, or if you feel it's warranted, a gas pistol (you need a permit to carry that, should be easy to obtain).

Found one in the 6th district and their site if you put in the name of the place will show the hours and some other studios in English.
It is called: Kyokushinkai Karate
       Located: 6th district on Eotovos Utca 11-A ( sorry my computer is not set for HU)

I have a can of pepper spray in my flat, I was lead to believe it was illegal in Hungary to have pepper spray, I am not sure if that is true or not.

My older sister was at one time a Karate Black Belt with belts in 3 different forms of Kung -Fu.( Sorry not my thing, don't remember what exactly)
Her younger husband was a long time Karate master and they ran their own studio in the Mid West of the US.
She used to compete in those Karate events against women 20 some years her jr. and she always won the match.( She started in her early 40's)
She is older now and no longer practices the art, she divorced that husband and guess she divorced Karate too.
When she was at her prime , she usually was in charge of the young teen boys and girls in their studio.
She told me straight out even with all her skills and being a tough cookie and all that in a real fight against a grown man she would really only be able to give him a few licks and run. Run away to safety.
If that's your main goal with Karate then for sure check it out.
My sis is a strong women, at age 68 now she rides a motorbike still. but so many injuries over the years has taken it's toll.

I am afraid
with sprays that unless they are in your hand at all times ready to go, then one would be fumbling around trying to find it in a handbag or one might just spray their own faces by accident.

Having a carry permit also is tricky unless you have your weapon in your hand at all times.
When someone attacks you it happens way too fast to dig around looking for the up end of a spray can.
2 different times here in Budapest I had to defend myself quickly against a man putting his hands on me. I just used what was close at hand, my umbrella up ones bottom and my crutch on another. No time to unzip and dig for a spray can.

I grew up in LA. Street tough. So I say, forget Karate. And I agree, pepper spray is great, but only if you carry in your hands at all times. Some attacks can be lighting fast.

Instead, learn Karv Maga, which is the Israeli self-defense system, where the basic concept is to incapacitate your attacker quickly, and just enough to get the heck out of there and run away.

But I know of no place in Budapest that teaches Karv Maga.....  :(

However, overall, Budapest is not a very dangerous city. So just be street aware, keep your wits, avoid the obviously more dark and dank places, and that may be enough.

In general Hungary is a safe place but being in a large city like Budapest can have it's odd moments, just like any larger city in the world.
I seem to have a knack for attracting loones.
Both times when a strange man in Hungary put their unwanted hands on me, I was in a defenseless  situation.
Walking down tram stairs holding the railing with one hand, walking on a set of crutches post surgery.
People will try to move in if you look like an easy target.
I had people hitting me up for money while I was hopping along with my sticks, a few people seemed to enjoy trying to knock my cane from under me later on in my recovery.
All happened in Hungary but who's to say it wouldn't happen in another place as well.( it can be a cruel world out there)
I know anything you can learn to protect yourself is worth learning, my mother taught us boxing moves as little girls, spent more time teaching our brothers but still. Her older bro had been a pro boxer in the 1920's, he was Jack Dempsey's sparring partner.( Her bro was a good 19 years her senior)
Growing up in S. Cal, it came in handy once or twice during school fights.
I know in my case I can hardly find my keys at the bottom of my handbag most times, trying to find a can of spray and have it right side up etc. would just not work out, I know I would probably spray my own face.

Hi dazanfekte,

I can help you with boxing if you got any interest for it.I am an ABA assistant boxing coach and having 6 years experience in coaching what i gained in the UK.So just feel free to get in touch with me.

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