Newbie in Barcelona

Hello everyone,

this is my fifth day in Barna, almost one week so its time to say hello!
I am a Silkpainter and happy to teach you this wonderful skill - I am looking for a Studio possibly sharing with another Artist?
Also I would love to embrace any new freelance Project , employed in areas of Sales / Marketing are my strength.
I am easy to find via Linked in, sadly  I still need to learn Spanish & Catalan so I'll do my best to get on with it!  If you need a trust worthy person that can help you short term with a great Project... I am here!
I do have some great Ideas (and good contacts) for Art Events, if you like to invest or talk in private do not hesitate to contact me, you can also find me on Internations so its clear I try to network fast... ;)
I think I will love Barcelona. It has a great Zest, I can literally feel some of its Potential for a creative soul and coming from Costa Rica, the opportunities seem boundless. Glad to be here!

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