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any Indians out there,please answer this

1.I wanted to convert about 1,50,000 INR .should i  change it here in India before travel or can i do it at the Bahrain airport.if in India which one is good?

2.can i  take that much money with me in it allowed both in India and Bahrain.

if i bring a state bank of travancore VISA ATM card can i with draw in INR/BHD from the ATMs in the Bahrain airport?

2 - You cannot carry such a big amount in INR to aboard. You need to convert to USD to make your travel easier. As per law , you can carry up to $5,000 cash, but I think you should carry a supporting documents for the cash.

As far as your ATM says VISA/ MASTER CARD or VISA Electron, there shouldn't be any issue accessing it in ATMs allover the Bahrain.

Thank you so much BAHRAIN what currency will i have the money when i withdraw from the ATM.INR or BHD?

pardon me,but for my knowledge,if so can i take that much money from ATM and convert it there or shall i carry a travellers card?

if i carry money in BHD from India is it allowed to bring 750 BHD?

ATMs in Bahrain gives you only BHD ;)  . BTW why do you need INR in Bahrain?

There is a limit for daily withdrawal, I think BD 500 is maximum in some ATMs. But I was also able to withdraw more than 800 BD in some ATMs.

I never carried BHD from India, so I'm not in the situation to answer your question.

Refer this link:


I'm not Indian but maybe I can help here, too.

1. There is no limit on currency import into Bahrain.

"There are no import restrictions on local or foreign currency for Bahrain."


2. The export of foreigns currencies from India is unlimited, too. You just have to declare it.

Foreign currencies : up to the amount imported and declared.
Local currency (Indian Rupee-INR): INR 7,500.- for residents of India, except when departing to Bhutan     and Nepal.

( … etails.htm)

3. There are a few ATMs in Bahrain where US$ can be withdrawn. I already know three ATMs from HSBC bank which are located in Juffair, Adliya and Seef. There might be more, even from other international banks like Citibank. Always be aware that significant fees will be charged both for withdrawal and currency exchange (INR -> US$ or INR -> BHD).

4. The limit for each withdrawal at an ATM is 500 BHD. It depends on the limits of your foreign account whether or not you can withdraw a second or third time. With my HSBC card I get up to 1,000 BHD, with my German card more than 2,000 BHD per day.

5. In case you know (and TRUST) somebody with a Bahrain bank account you can also transfer the money via international money transfer. You just need the IBAN (account number) and the BIC (international bank ID) of the receiving bank accout and after 2 or 3 working days the amount should be ready for withdrawal here in Bahrain. There will be a small fee of approx. 30 to 40 US$ maximum. This is a good way to transfer a big amout of money easily and cheaply.

6. Google helps sometimes, especially for points 1 and 2.   ;-))

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REINHARD,thanks for the reply  :thanks: .1 and 2 i did get from google,but first hand stuff is always better i guess!!.the rest of the reply was exhaustive and cleared the air.thanks again.

:thanks: thank you BAHRAIN IT.any idea how much percentage do the bank ATMs deduct while converting?

That would depend on the global exchange rate and bank charges if applicable.

thank you logical indian

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