Moving to Bangladesh in couple months time, Singaporean

Any Sg frenz out there?? Hope to link up in Dhaka and hangout for kopi! :)


Hi Zackcheong,

Welcome to :)

Ca you please introduce yourself so that members can know more about you? Please feel free to share your expatriation project with us.

Are you moving to Dhaka for work? For how long will you be staying there?



Hey hey been here for 4 yrs n btw quite a few SG kakis here. Pls email me at ***

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Hi there,

Singaporean, Male, moving to Dhaka for work in the nxt 24 mths and counting.. feeling of uncertainty and slight anxiety facing the monsoon changes (floods) and knowing its 6th world's most populated country!!

hi there
                   u have whatsapp or viber  or we chat lets connect. we can chat or speak

my whatsapp xxx

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