A truly British drink.

Hello everyone

Kind of find myself at a lose end most Friday or Saturday nights here in Antwerp, and when I do get to have a good night on the town, its usually with my friends that come for a fly by visit from London...... In all honesty I go back to London quite regular on the Eurostar or Megabus because of this.

I mean I am not saying the flemish aren't fun, its just, - their not British and somehow my mentalities and theirs don't blend so well. Maybe thats a time thing as I have only been in this city 1 1/2 years?

Anyway, - looking for a few lads just to go out and have night on the lash...nothing extreme, - no waking up in a pool of your own vomit on the Grootmarkt fountain or anything like that... Just the smell of the nights air mixed with alcohol and stale tobacco, pubs, clubs, kebab, home and sense that you put the world to rights after a hard weeks work.

Me? Yorkshireman, Artist, MA, married, one toddler, 36.... easy going... hate football (sorry).... Will try to something about anything, but football.... bores the bejesus out of me!



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I know what you mean, Belgians don't seem to get totally all out drunk, either because they know their limits or they practice a lot :-D


Ah, Get the Acorn brewery to ship out a couple of casks of Barnsley bitter or, if wild nights are your thing, a few barrels of ....... OMG - Killer night.


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