Visit visa for children and mother with US passport?

Hi I have a CPR and valid work visa for Bahrain. How can I sponsor my mother and child to visit me? I do not want them to get a CPR nor do they intend to stay more than 2 months. We are all US citizens with US passports. I heard you have to make at least 300BHD monthly and they can't stay longer than 3 months. Please give me more info. Thanks :)

Hey LittleHeart ,

Well from the Immigration policy given on the "E-Visa" Website I see that US Citizens can get only 2 weeks of stay per visit .
But the visa is valid for 3 months .
They also have 5 year visa with each stay limited to 28 days only .

Unlike Brits who can get a visa of 3 months stay per visit !

You can visit the Immigration Office at Exhibition Road , and apply for a visit visa .
I guess you can get a 1 month visa for your family members . Not sure , better you ask them :)

Thank you

Were you able to get the visitation done?  I'm trying to bring my parents from US for a brief 3 week visit, is it a headache process?  Thanks , Hassan

Hi Hassan

There are also a number of nationalities that can get a visa on arrival in Bahrain.

If your guests hold American passports, they can get a 2-week visa on arrival at the airport.

Check this link for full information:

All the best.

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